The Ingalls Development Foundation is pleased to announce that LeNita Johnson, Chief Operating Officer for Vital Care Industries, Inc., and James Wallace, MD, UChicago Medicine Care Network Oncologist, have been named to its Board of Directors.

Johnson has been a key member of Vital Care’s executive leadership since its inception in 1984. As the COO, Johnson oversees the day to day operations of Vital Care Industries and has worked to maintain positive growth over the past 35 years through strategic planning and process implementation.

Prior to Vital Care, she practiced nursing at several hospitals including the University of Chicago’s Wyler Children’s Hospital (now Comer Children’s Hospital) for 8 years. Additionally, Johnson had a highly successful career in sales of custom surgical packs/trays and intravenous delivery systems. Johnson supports various organizations that reflect her personal passions of higher education and the arts. She is an avid golfer and gardener.

A long-term member of the medical staff at Ingalls Memorial, Wallace is a skilled oncologist with specialty training and interest in geriatrics. Wallace specializes in the assessment of the “oldest old” (age 85 and up) and “frail older” patients (age 65 and up with other medical problems) who seek help in learning how to manage cancer. He also advises other physicians, helping them choose the best treatment options for older patients who have cancer.

Wallace is an active researcher. He serves as co-director of the Specialized Oncologic Care and Research of the Elderly (SOCARE) clinic–a program dedicated to understanding how frailty, cognitive deficits and advanced age affects cancer treatment.

Wallace also serves as an instructor at OncoTalk Teach, a national leadership conference for physician instructors who teach communication skills to junior physicians.