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EIN No.: 36‐3189150

In response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our Harvey based community hospital we have established the Ingalls Impact Fund. Additionally, the Ingalls Development Foundation is re-purposing its largest fundraising event — the Annual Benefit Show — into a Virtual Fundraising Gala. The Gala, featuring Second City Work, was held Sunday, May 31st.

We are humbled by the generous responses of our Ingalls community. The financial burden is immense and your support, now more than ever, is needed.  As a friend of Ingalls Memorial Hospital, we are asking you to make an investment in the Ingalls Impact Fund.

All proceeds raised during the Virtual Fundraising Gala or gifted directly to the unrestricted Ingalls Impact fund will be used to support our UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial COVID-19 preparedness, containment and response efforts as well as programs that help address underlying health disparities and social conditions in our South Suburban communities.

Signature Fundraising Events

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