Thank you for attending the 2022 Ingalls Open on July 25, 2022. Check back soon for winners and photos!



2021 Ingalls Open Hall of Fame. 


1st Place Men – The Stone Group
63 | Steve Mellor, Tom Stone, George Pappas, and Kevin Thompson

1st Place Mixed – CRB USA
72 | Steven McKee, Colleen Driver, Mike Parr, and Deb Antes

Closest to the Pin
Justin Hooker #6 and Erica Turckes #13

Longest Drive #1
Walker Moore and Colleen Driver

Beat the Pro #16
Brad Gnade



1st Place Men – Elite Ambulance
60 | Steve Sprinkle, Trace Vandenberg and Anthony Margentina

1st Place Mixed – Orion and Associates
Mike Thomas, Rick Balkema, Sarah Ducret, and Greg Skelly

Closest to the Pin
Sarah Ducret #5 and Josh Vandenberg #14

Longest Drive #10
Anthony Margentina and Sarah Ducret

Beat the Pro #3
Gary Gnade

About Olympia Fields Country Club

Olympia Fields’s North Course has been ranked continually by Golf Digest as one of America’s “Top 100 Greatest Courses,” currently at No. 79 among all golf courses in the United State. The North Course also is ranked No. 47 on Golfweek’s latest list of “Best Classic Courses.” Rickie Fowler and Vijay Singh share the course record of 63.

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