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MRI scanner UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial

New MRI scanner brings higher resolution and more detailed diagnostic imaging to UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial patients.

In 2022...

MRI Scanner

Brought higher resolution, better quality and more detailed diagnostic imaging to facilities with the acquisition of a new MRI Scanner.

CT Scanners

Three new CT scanners were purchased, allowing for:

  • Better accessibility for larger patients through its 70cm wide-bore opening with a 500 lb patient weight limit to accommodate patients with various body types.
  • Advanced CT image technology which reduces patient radiation dose, enhancing patient safety.
  • Advanced CT image technology which improves acquisition time to deliver superior image quality.
  • Higher quality CT imaging for stroke, cardiac, oncology, orthopedic, gynecological, pulmonary and vascular patients, doctors and clinicians.


Improved reliability and ride on two elevators.


Upgraded emergency power and data system.


Improved air quality and condition in the Wyman Gordon
building by replacing carrier air cooled chillers with two air
handing units.

“Ingalls Memorial Hospital has been delivering health care to the Southside Chicagoland Community for many years, and the Ingalls Development Foundation has been key in working to achieve and maintain Ingalls Hospital’s status as a center of excellence and compassionate care. For more than 30 years, Associated Laboratory Physicians have supported these efforts and will continue to contribute to this cause.”

E. Martin Flores, M.D.

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