EDGE is our employee giving philanthropic and engagement program. Since 1989, Ingalls employees have contributed nearly $4 million to support Ingalls Development Foundation (IDF) events, hospital programs and scholarships. Donations also support important clinical programs including oncology, our cardiology and retina care, the Healthy Baby Network and much more. Our EDGE employee giving philanthropic and engagement program is overseen by a dedicated committee of active EDGE members working in partnership with IDF.

How to
your gift

All EDGE members have opportunities to participate in volunteer activities that benefit our patients and community. Finally, all EDGE members who contribute a minimum $3 per pay period, qualify for monthly cash drawings, including our year-end Jackpot drawing pulled live during the Annual Benefit Gala! However, giving at any level is important and appreciated. There is no gift too small as every donation helps.

If you would like to participate, please click here to contact Maria Perez or by phone at 708.915.6169.

Employee Scholarships

Employees are offered the opportunity to pursue and continue their education through the Ingalls Development Foundation EDGE Scholarship Program. Funded through the Annual Benefit Gala and donor and employee donations, over the past two years nearly $200,000 has been awarded.

Congratulations to our Ingalls Development Foundation EDGE Fall 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

Gbejami Adebogun
Madeline Athos
Emily Ballou
Amanda Brunner
Cecille Calixto
Paul Crandall
Torri Crosby-Martin
Olivia Drwiega
Sara Estrada
Shane Exner
Kailee Galloway
Kara Galloway
Miranda Gerhardt
Evan Gill
Amari Glispie
Kathleen Goodpaster
Brooke Gossage
Iesha Graham
Shannon Hafer
Regina Hagglund

Haley Hughes
Isabella Huynh-Pham
Maximus Huynh-Pham
Sandie Johnson
Brendan Jones
Anna Kowalkowska-Kieta
Latoya Lewis
Rameen Marzban
Michelle Mcginnis
Abbey Mcnally
Justin Meline
Allison Michaluk
Katherine Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Dana Muhanna
Basil Muhanna
Ashley Newton
Carlos Padilla
Samantha Parsons
Krysta Reveche

Nicholas Ridder
Renee Ruchala
Samuel Ruchala
Kayla Sanders
Daniel Schmitt
Mary Seehausen-Newton
Darci Stailey
Tyler Stailey
Andrea Stone
Rachel Streck
Olufemi Terebo
Kyran Thurmond
Nishar Vahora
Abduljabbar Vahora
Cassie Vaughn
Aidan Watkins
Xavier Woods
Angela Young
Kaitlin Zubek

EDGE Quarterly Raffle

Check back soon for information on our next raffle.

Doris Johnson


June 2022

Nishar Vahora


May 2022

Chasity Perry


April 2022

Carrie Brown


March 2022

Veronica Woods


February 2022

Shawanna Dukes

Shawanna Dukes


January 2022

Linda Scally


December 2021

Beth Heise


November 2021

John Perez


October 2021

Bridget Smith


September 2021

Carole Ruffalo

Calumet City FCC

July 2021

Cal Whitley

Flossmoor FCC

June 2021

Jan Santacaterina


May 2021

Debbie Johnson


April 2021

Jennifer Puente


March 2021

Isabel Martinez


February 2021

Raysaldo Estember


December 2020

Kiesha Mayes

Tinley Park FCC

November 2020

“For me, EDGE isn’t just about giving. It’s about contributing to OUR family as well as our surrounding community. It’s about being that helping hand when our community calls and being able to step in and provide assistance. That’s why I have continuously been a contributing and supporting member of EDGE over the past 13 years.”

Shanice Williams, MPH, CLCChair - EDGE Committee

Edge Committee

Shanice Williams CHAIR

Edge Committee Members

Anastagia Carson
Linda Liesse
Linda McCormick-Ervin
Juan Padilla
Maria Perez
Willie Smith
Shanice Williams