The UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial has released its 2020 Community Benefit Report*, which highlights investments our hospital has made to improve quality of life in the Southland areas we serve. Ingalls Memorial increased its community support from $71 million in fiscal 2019 to $89.5 million in fiscal year 2020 to Harvey and nearby areas. This represents a 26% increase! In all, the UChicago Medicine health system delivered a total of $656.6 million in benefits and services to Chicago’s South Side and Southland region in fiscal year 2020.

Among its specific investments in fiscal year 2020, UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial provided nearly $106,000 in grants and in-kind donations for organizations that provide services focused on preventing and managing chronic diseases, increasing access to maternal health services, and promoting cancer awareness. Other investments include Ingalls Memorial’s own heart health programming, resources for mothers, babies and new families, and nutrition education focused on managing diabetes, heart health and cancer.

Furthermore, in fiscal year 2020, Ingalls Development Foundation donated more than $800,000 in funding for community-based cancer research in addition to infant mortality among African Americans. The Foundation also awarded scholarships to 205 current and former Thornton Township High School District students and donated 100 herb plants to Harvey residents living in food deserts.

We encourage you to take a few moments to review the report* to learn more about how our collective efforts are helping to benefit our patients, their families and the Southland.

See the 2020 Community Benefit Report.